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For use on chopping boards, bread boards, salad bowls, and all wooden food utensils where you want a neutral and safe finish for raw timber.


This is pure unadulterated heavy Medical, Pharmaceutical, Food Grade, Mineral Oil. It is food safe and safe for vegetarians, people with nut allergies and anyone who has a problem with animal products or by-products. Does not contain fragrant or other volatile oils or additives.  


It has properties that prevent water absorption, it has no smell or any additives like Vitimin E, orange oil, lemon essence, camphor oil, eucalyptus or other contaminants. Because of this there is no obnoxious odour and it won’t taint any food used on the board, etc. 

You wouldn’t pour eucalyptus oil, camphor oil, lemon essence or hand cream on your toast in the morning so why let it permeate the board that you may butter your toast on make sandwiches prepare vegetables or meat on. This pure food safe oil with its lack of flavour and odour, is an ideal preservative for all wooden food items.


Rubbing a small amount of FoodSafe Plus oil into wooden kitchen items periodically will prevent absorption of food odours and ease cleaning, as well as maintain the integrity of the wood, which is otherwise subjected to repeated wetting and drying in the course of use. The oil fills small surface cracks that may otherwise harbour bacteria by swelling the wood to help close the cracks.


PLEASE NOTE: This oil is ideal for vegans as it does not contain any animal products or biproducts. For people with nut allergies it does not contain any nut products or oils. It will not go rancid like many vegetable oils and does not contain lead driers, wax, polyurethane, tung oil or any other unnecessary additives as many others oils do.



RUBBING OUT A FINISH Use this oil with fine grades of wet and dry abrasive to wet sanding a finish, instead of water which will allow the abrasive to cut too quickly. Using this oil will slow down the cutting process and make it easier to get a great, even, result, without as much fear of cutting back through the surface of the finish.


FRENCH POLISHING Use this oil when French polishing as the lubricant for your polishing pad. Because it is a non drying oil it can be left on the surface for a long period of time and will not skin on the surface like linseed which is traditionally used for this process. This oil is also the recommended oil for use with our Hard Shellac as it works much better than any others. As an additional bonus the oil can get trapped in the matrix of the Hard Shellac helping to give a deeper and more brilliant look with no effect on the final finish. 


ON METAL – Tools, etc. This oil can also be used as a coating on metal tools, as it is an excellent way to inhibit oxidation. It can also be used on guns and other metal weaponry. When mixed with 1% oil of cloves oil it is used by Japanese sword makers to protect the sword blades.


ON STONE This oil is used to darken soapstone countertops for aesthetic purposes and has similar affects on a number of different stone bench tops.


CLEANING This oil can be used as a “de-gummer” to remove the adhesive residue left on a surface from price tags, adhesive tape, etc. This oil can also be used to clean heavier oil stains by diluting and liquefying the other oils, rendering the oils more easily washed away with detergents.


OTHER STUFF This oil has a myriad of other uses including baby oil and much more.


U-Beaut Foodsafe Plus - 250ml

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