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OSMO’s Natural Oil Woodstain is a transparent finish, 1 or 2 coat system, with a maintenance re-coat after approximately 9-12 months depending upon the timber’s exposure.


  • transparent, satin-matt, for exterior use
  • Especially recommended for timber cladding, carports, balcony, screens, fences…
  • Natural Oil Woodstain is base and top coat in one. It is very water-, weathering- and UV-resistant. The breathable surface contains active ingredients to protect the wood against mildew, algae and fungal attack
  • Number of coats: 2 coats on raw wood. For renovation, apply 1 coat on a clean and dry surface – no sanding required.


The number of initial coats depends upon the degree of transparency you require on the timber.


One coat is quite transprent, but the protection level will not be as good as 2 coats, however, with 2 coats, the finish will not be as transparent.


Coverage is approximately 20-24 square metres per litre, depending upon timber type. On extremely soft woods such as Pine, the coverage rate is a lot less than stated on the can.


Renovation is easy. Just apply 1 coat to the cleaned, dry and intact surface after 9-12 months depending upon the timber’s exposure.


Where the timber is fully protected from the sun and weather, a recoat may not be needed for 2-3 years.


To select your colour, please go to:


If you place your order at the end of each month, I can offer you a $50.00 reduction in the retail price, for each 2.5 Litre tin purchased. I am able to do this, as your order will be able to be filled with my Osmo monthly order. Please call me on 0427076219 or email me at, to do this.

Osmo Natural Oil Woodstain - 2.5 Litre

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