Osmo Decking Oils are a range of transparent coloured oils for timber decks. They are designed and produced to meet the individual demands of exotic wood species. Suitable for most exterior timber decking.


The names of the colours (e.g. Bangkirai, Garapa and Massaranduba) reflect the colour of that particular timber. For example, Massaranduba is a red/brown timber similar to kwila/merbau.


Coverage is 16-20 square metres per litre on hard woods, with reduced coverage on softer woods such as pine. Either a 2 coat application as a stand alone finish, or one coat if the oil is being used as a base coat under one of Osmo's clear exterior oils such as Anti Slip Decking Oil.


Easy to maintain and rejuvenate.


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If you place your order at the end of each month, I can offer you a $50.00 reduction in the retail price, for each 2.5 Litre tin purchased. I am able to do this, as your order will be able to be filled with my Osmo monthly order. Please call me on 0427076219 or email me at andrewwblake@bigpond.com, to do this.

Osmo Decking Oil - 2.5 Litres