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Mohawk’s UltraTM Mark Markers contain light-fast pigments which seal, stain and finish in one easy operation.


They are compatible with all types of finishes, making them ideal for edge and scratch re-colouring.


For further protection, markers may be finished with Tone Finish® Clears, or other top-coats, including lacquers, acrylics, varnishes and urethanes.


Colorant: Pigment


Application method: Marker


Opacity: Medium


Uses: Re-colouring edges and scratches. Colouring repairs made with Mohawk fillers, particularly Fil-Sticks.



Fast and easy to use.

Valve type tip provides fluid control.

High opacity

Excellent light fastness (contains UV


Even when the cap is left off, the tip can be

re-primed, so you can use all the liquid

inside the marker.

Replaceable nibs available in four different


Compatible with all types of finishes.

Seal, stain and finish in one application.

Use With:

UltraTM Mark Markers can be used as a stand- alone product, but we recommend that you apply a top-coat, to obtain maximum durability


24 Pack Assortment Contents:


M280-0001 Extra Dark Walnut

M280-0002 Black

M280-0004 Cherry

M280-0012 Traditional Cherry

M280-0015 Dark Red Mahogany

M280-0022 Rich Cherry

M280-0024 Pine

M280-0031 Antique White

M280-0200 Natural Lt. Oak

M280-0202 White

M280-0205 Medium Walnut

M280-0209 Extra Dark Walnut #2

M280-0224 Black #2

M280-0227 Dk. Rd. Mahogany #2

M280-0229 Brown Mahogany

M280-0234 Medium Dark Walnut

M280-0236 Brown Maple

M280-0249 Perfect Brown

M280-0391 Universal Cherry

M280-0408 Cherry BG

M280-0411 Nutmeg

M280-1478 Van Dyke Brown

M281-0057 Bay

M282-3653 Cognac

Mohawk UltraTM Mark Pigment Marker - 24 Pack

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