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Quick Fill® is an innovative Burn-In Stick that makes filling defects quick and easy.


Designed to fill nicks,dents, and scratches, it’s the perfect filler for cabinetry, vinyl wrapped products and photo processed laminates.


Quick Fill® is applied using a simple heat source and levelled without the use of burn-in knives or sandpaper.


Type: Hard Wax

Durability: Average

Adhesion: Good

Melting Point: 79.4 oC (approx.)

Dry time: Top-coat immediately after application


Ease of use: Some skill required/ heat source required


Suitable for: Vertical and horizontal surfaces


Uses: To fill nicks, dents, and scratches.



1) Low sheen.

2) Quick and simple application.

3) Perfect for production workers, field techs and cabinet installers.

4) 36 stock colours.

5) Well balanced assortments available.


12 Assortment #1:

 M320-0001 Light Red Mahogany 

  M320-0002 Deep Mahogany
 M320-0003 True Brown
 M320-0004 Extra Dark Walnut 

  M320-0005 Cherry

 M320-0006 Red Brown Mahogany 

  M320-0007 Light Golden Oak
 M320-0008 Nutmeg
 M320-0009 HeartwoodCherry
 M320-0010 Cinnamon Sugar

 M320-0011Black 



12 Assortment #2

 M320-0013 Deep Brown Cherry
 M320-0014 Dark Red Mahogany
 M320-0015 Perfect Brown
 M320-0016 Light Brown Mahogany 

  M320-0017 Interior Maple Laminate 

  M320-0018 Autumn Blush

 M320-0019 Honey Spice
 M320-0020 Statesman Oak 

  M320-0021 Rock Maple
 M320-0022 Van Dyke Brown 

  M320-0023 Antique White 

  M320-0024 Driftwood


12 Assortment #3

 M320-0025 Clear
 M320-0026 Natural Oak
 M320-0027 Natural Maple
 M320-0028 Natural Cherry
 M320-0029 Transparent Red Brown
 M320-0030 Transparent Orange Brown 

  M320-0031 Transparent Yellow Brown
 M320-0032 Transparent Green Brown
 M320-0033 Transparent Deep Red Brown 

  M320-0034 Natural Walnut
 M320-0035 Natural Mahogany
 M320-0036 Transparent True Brown

Mohawk Quick FillTM Burn-In Stick - 12 Pack

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