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Whether you need to touch-up 1 inch or 20 feet, the dye-based Pro-Mark II marker does it the first time and every time.


Pro-MarkTM Marker colourshave excellent resistance to fading, colour shift from top-coats, and will not bleed.


The nib offers superior flow along with the durability needed to do all normal repair work.


The nib remains usable for the life of the marker. Pro-MarkTM Markers have good adhesion and mark equally well with the edge, the bottom or the tip.


Colorant: Dye

Application method: Marker


Opacity: Transparent


Uses: 1. Re-colouring edges and scratches.



1. Fast and easy to use.
2. Excellent flow. Will not skip even when used on porous materials.
3. Good adhesion to most surfaces and resistance to polishes.
4. Uniform colour strength.
5. Bleed resistant.
6. Nib remains usable for the life of the marker for normal applications.
7. Can be used at any angle, including upside down.
8. Highest rated lightfast dyes for complete clarity and colour retention.
9. Transparent colour allows the characteristics of the wood to show through.


Available as:
M267-1202 12 Pack Assortment #1 


 M267-0063 Honey Maple
 M267-0081 Natural Amber
 M267-0094 Warm Brown Walnut 

  M267-0194 Antique Maple
 M267-0208 Old World Walnut
 M267-0337 Golden Oak
 M267-0381 Cherry/Walnut
 M267-0418 Mocha Brown
 M267-0474 Warm Oak
 M267-0477 Natural Maple
 M267-0479 Maple Glaze
 M267-0484 Brown Paprika




M267-1208 12 Pack Assortment #4


M267-0094 Warm Brown Walnut
M267-0207 Medium Walnut/Brown Pecan 

M267-0224 Plum Black
M267-0227 Dark Red Mahogany

M267-0266 Newport-Ebonized Cherry
M267-0337 Golden Oak
M267-0355 Medium Oak
M267-0365 Warm Walnut
M267-0387 Mahogany
M267-0406 Salem Maple
M267-0477 Natural Maple
M267-1516 Pine

Mohawk Pro Mark Dye Marker - 12 Pack

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