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Hard Fill is made from a blend of hard waxes and is used to repair minor and medium defects in wood and rigid plastic.


Recommended for repairs on floors, tops, fronts, sides, doors, drawers, any wood surface.


Type: Hard Wax

Durability: High

Adhesion: Very Good

Melting Point: 79.5oC (approx.)

Dry time: Handle or topcoat once cooled

Ease of use: Some skill required / specialty tools required


Suitable for: Horizontal surfaces


Uses: To fill nicks, dents, and scratches



1) Easy to learn and use.

2) Works for any sheen.

3) Excellent for dents.

4) Builds finish quickly.

5) Little to no sanding.

6) Safe for any finish.

7) Good for all sheens.


Recommended for: Flooring, retail furniture, cabinets & millwork. Perfect for all wood industries.


Assortment #1:

 M310-0156 American Walnut

  M310-0202 White
 M310-0224 Black
 M310-0360 Honey Maple
 M310-0901 Clear

 M310-1478 Van Dyke Brown
 M310-4012 Fawn Glaze
 M310-4038 Oak Hickory Light Natural 

  M310-4062 Mocha
 M310-4071 Kona


Assortment #2

 M310-0003 Dark Umber

 M310-0012 Cream

 M310-0032 Trans Green Brown

 M310-0229 Brown Mahogany

 M310-0354 Snow White

 M310-0402 Champagne

 M310-0902 Natural Tone

 M310-1516 Pine

 M310-1521 Antique Oak

 M310-4057 Light Fawn


Mohawk Hard Fill Sticks - 10 Pack

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