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The Brush Tip Graining Marker is the perfect colour tool for service technicians.


This revolutionary marker features a micro brush tip that allows you to apply colour exactly where it is needed without any messy powders, fluids or odours.


Brush Tip Graining Markers come ready to use. Simply stroke or dot on colour where it's needed. To soften or blend the colour, tap the colour while it is wet with a clean cloth. This is simply the easiest marker that you will ever use!


Colorant: Dye

Application method: Brush tip marker


Opacity: Semi-transparent



1. Add grain lines to repairs.
2. Add colour to small sand throughs, defects or repairs.
3. To alter the colour of a Fil-Stik Putty Stick, Quick Fill Burn-In Stick, or E-Z Flow Burn-In Stick.



1. Micro brush tip applicator.
2. Complete 24 colour palette.
3. Clear crisp colours that hold a thin line. 4. Low to no odour.
5. Easy to use, teach and learn.
6. Quick and easy application, no messy powders, extra brushes or liquids.


M265-2201 6 Pack Assortment #1

 M265-2000 Raw Umber
 M265-2001 Dark Cherry
 M265-2002 Perfect Brown
 M265-2003 Dark Perfect Brown 

  M265-2004 Honey Spice

 M265-2005 Black


M265-2202 6 Pack Assortment #2

  M265-2006 Light Oak
 M265-2007 Van Dyke Brown
 M265-2008 Dark Brown Mahogany 

  M265-2009 Burnt Umber
 M265-2010 Burnt Sienna
 M265-2011 Deep Brown Mahogany


M265-1203 6 Pack Assortment #3

 M265-2012 Ash Tone

  M265-2013 Honey Maple Tone

  M265-2014 Warm Brown Walnut Tone

  M265-2015 Golden Oak Tone

  M265-2016 Deep Cordovan

  M265-2017 Natural Light Oak Tone


M265-1204 6 Pack Assortment #4

  M265-2018 Warm Oak Tone
 M265-2019 Maple Glaze Tone
 M265-2020 Medium Dark Oak Tone 

  M265-2021 Light Golden Oak Tone 

  M265-2022 Nutmeg Tone
 M265-2023 Antique Maple Tone

Mohawk Brush Tip Graining Markers - 6 Pack

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