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Mohawk's Background Markers dispense a thin, fast drying, low sheen film, which can be used to replace background colour over repairs, such as fills or glue lines, or to mask areas of discolouration, such as stains or dark areas in raw wood.


Background Markers are indispensible for touch- ups on MDF, particleboard, and other very absorbent substrates that tend darken when other types of markers are applied.


Colorant: Pigment


Application method: Marker


Opacity: Very high



1. Colour over repairs e.g. glue lines, fillers, putties and burn-ins.
2. Re-colour edges, scratches and sand throughs on highly absorbent materials, such as MDF or particleboard, which tend to darken with other types of markers.
3. Mask areas of discolouration, such as stains or dark areas in raw wood.



1. Easy to use.
2. Very high opacity.
3. Pigment-based colour with excellent light fastness.
4. Compliments many stain colours.
5. Good adhesion to repairs.
6. Valve activated nib: even when the cap is left off, the tip can be re-primed, so you can use all the liquid inside the marker.
7. Replaceable nib.
8. Colour band on markers to aid in indentifying correct colours.


Assortment Contents:

 M294-5000 Natural
 M294-5001 Champagne
 M294-5002 Dark Walnut/Dark Glaze M294-5003 Medium Oak
 M294-5004 Light Walnut
 M294-5005 Mahogany
 M294-5006 Cherry
 M294-5007 Georgian Leather
 M294-5008 Sweet Maple
 M294-5009 Oatmeal Maple
 M294-5010 Light Golden Oak
 M294-5011 Black

Mohawk Background Markers - 12 Pack

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